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LP Gas bottle exchange

LPG or LP Gas (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a fuel mixture that is used in many homes and businesses for the purposes of heating, cooling, and cooking, to name a few.

Visit one of our stores to exchange your empty LP Gas bottle for a full one. We offer exchanges on 3kg, 5kg, 9kg, 19kg, and 48kg LPG bottles.

Exchange your LP Gas bottle at JD Gates

9KG Exchange


9KG LP Gas Exchange

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19KG LP Gas Exchange

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48KG LP Gas Exchange

LP Gas Bottle Sizes

There are a variety of sizes for gas bottles ranging from small portable cylinders that are mostly used by the outdoor enthusiast and campers. LPG sizes range from the small 3kg cylinders up to 48kg units. The most common size is the 9kg cylinders that are mostly used in households for cooking and heating.

Detect Gas leaks

If you feel like your gas does not last as long as it should, you probably have a gas leak. These usually occur due to defective rubber tubing or a faulty regulator fitting. You should be able to pick up on a leak relatively quickly due to the strong smell of LP Gas.

If you are worried that your cylinder might be leaking then you can check to be 100% sure. What you need to do is have your bottle connected to an appliance with the gas knob closed (This is to build up pressure within the cylinder). Apply soapy water to the valve, if bubbles form on this area it means you have a leak and should replace your gas bottle.

When to refill your gas bottle

Doing a quick test will let you know how much gas is left in your cylinder. Run your hand down the side of the bottle and you should be able to feel a change in temperature, where the temperature is cooler, is where there is still gas. You can also pour hot water down the side of the bottle and a line of condensation will form indicating the level of gas that remains inside the bottle.

Do not attempt to refill the gas cylinder yourself, this can be extremely dangerous due to the pressure inside the cylinder. You can bring your empty bottle to JD Gates for an exchange or any other company that makes use of the correct equipment to refill or replace your gas bottles safely.

To exchange your LPG Cylinder you can visit us at 31 Selati St, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria, 0081. If you do not have a gas bottle to exchange, you can pay a deposit of only R925.00 incl VAT for a 9kg, 19kg or 48kg gas bottle. We also deliver gas bottles within a radius of 5km of our offices for a small R150 delivery fee.

You can also contact us using our contact form or give us a call on 073 941 2448