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Solar Power Installation

Take the power into your own hands with a renewable energy source, so you will never run out. Don’t let the unreliable power grid in South Africa leave you stranded outside in the dark, with a solar power installation you’ll be able to enter and exit your premises even during extended power outages.

Solar Power Installation

Benefits of a Solar Power Installation

The biggest benefit of solar power, besides being stuck in the dark is the money you will be saving. Fortunately we don’t have to pay any fees when it comes to the sun so you won’t have to pay for any power generated by it.

Unlike the burning of fossil fuels like coal, that produce damaging gases into the environment, solar power has an extremely low carbon footprint. This means you’ll also be our planet a favor.

Maintaining your solar panels also takes very little effort. A wash every once in a while is all that is needed to clear away and dirt, leaves or debris left behind by the elements.

Going Solar

We offer solar power installations for automated gates, homes and commercial properties. This will allow you to operate without having to depend on the country’s unstable power grid.

JD Gates has trained technicians that will be able to install solar power solutions to fit your needs. Weather you just need your gate motor to open, or you need your appliances to keep running when the power is out.

Additionally, if you are struggling with your gate or garage motor during power outages. You can visit our backup batteries page as we also sell batteries for motors.

If you’d like to get started with a solar power installation, or want to know how we can integrate solar powered systems onto your property. You can fill in our contact us form or you can contact us directly on 073 941 2448 for a quotation or for more information.