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Home Automation

Turn your home into a “Smart Home” with JD Gates home automation services, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to control your home from anywhere with your phone or tablet.

Home automation is a rapidly growing market globally and is used for home security, to control a variety of appliances or as an assistant among many other uses.

Turn your home into a Smart Home with Home Automation

We have partnered with LeGrand to get you started with your home automation process, They have a great catalogue of products that will adapt your home to your lifestyle. Take control of your home whether it is for your cameras, lights or heating.

Compatible with most boilers, heat pumps and water radiators, the Netatmo Smart Thermostat is used to save energy and to heat your home to the temperatures you desire when need to with a heating schedule.

Convert your current light switches to wireless connected versions without changing the appearance by adding an ON/OFF transmitter. This transmitter is installed inside the switch’s flush-mounting box. You can also add wireless switches that can move around with adhesive pads, you rearrange rooms to suit your needs.

Home Automation

Automated Home Security

Add an extra layer of security to your Smart Home with the Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren and Camera. The camera uses facial recognition to distinguish familiar and unfamiliar faces, it also recognizes animals and harmless movements. No false alarms!

When anything unusual is detected you will receive a notification via your smartphone and the alarm will be set off automatically at a very loud 110-decibel. In addition to this the alarm also offers pre-recorded noises to make it sound like someone is home. *The siren only works with the smart indoor camera.

You will recieve a notification if someone tries to disable the indoor siren and you can also activate it using your smartphone

Automated Home Security
Home Automation Voice Control

Controlling your Smart home

All home automation products make use of apps that are usually free to install on your smartphone and tablet. Most products are also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple HomeKit which gives you full voice control and added convenience.

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