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Power Value Generator

Generators have become extreamly popular in South Africa. Load Shedding has unfortunately become a part of our everyday lives. Power cuts get very frusterating especially when returning home to no power but there is some light at the end of the tunnel! Good news is that we now have generators for sale at our JD Gates store.

We have a variety of Power Value generators in stock and will assist you in choosing the right one for your home or small business.

Choosing the right generator

When buying a generator it is important to know which devices you’ll be powering. It is very important that you don’t exceed the rated capacity of your generator. The best will be to start with your large appliances first and plugging in other devices one at a time.

In stock we have gasoline powered generators ranging from 2.2kw up to 7kw and fuel tank capacity of 15L – 25L. All these motors are fitted with Honda technologies and design and come highly recommended.

Generator Prices

Our products are affordable and well worth every cent considering it is something you’ll use more often than not.

At JD Gates our generator prices range from R3 400.00 to R9 750.00 and are all accredited by leading safety manufacturers.

Everything else you need to know about generators

Below we have attached a few PDF’s for all the additional information you’ll need from generator prices to maintenence.

Products & Pricing

Products & Pricing PDF

Demand Schedule

Demand Schedule PDF

Service Periods

Service Period PDF

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