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Garage Door Motors

Garage door automation or installing garage door motors, is one of the many quality services we here at JD Gates offer our clients.

With offering quality services when it comes to garage door automation, we also use the best quality brands of automated garage door motors.

Trusted Garage Door Motor Brands

If you have decided that you would like to have your garage door automated, first of all you will want to know which garage door motor would be best suited for you. We install garage door motors for roll-up, tip-up and sectional garage doors.

Below we have listed all the top brands that manufacture garage door motors and their models.


Dc Blue sectional garage door motors
Dc Blue Digital sectional door motor

This model is designed to automate residential sectional overhead and Tip-up garage doors.

  • Operating on 220 Volt mains supply this motor is also equipped with battery back up should the power go out
  • For the sake of being smooth this motor has a soft start and stop
  • a Single channel receiver on-board for 15 full operations via remote control
  • Users with remote controls can be removed using the master remote control(Remotes must be present to be removed)
  • The open and closed state are controlled electronically for precise start and stop positioning
  • Added safety with electronic Anti-crush setting
  • Selective Auto close time
  • Easy access to replace the bulb within the motor
Blue roll-up motor
ET Blue roll-up motor

The ET Blue roll-up garage door motor is ideal for those with limited space and comes with a low battery indicator.

  • Soft start and stop
  • Added safety with electronic Anti-crush setting
  • Separate control housing and electronic locking feature
  • easy to program with an adjustable load setting
  • compatible with ET rolling code receiver, includes a anti-crush and auto close feature


xtrac sectional door motor
XTrac sectional and tip-up door motor
  • Powerful and smooth 24V DC motor
  • Powers sectional and tip-up garage doors
  • Switches between mains and battery in the events of power outages
  • Adaptive anti-crushing control
  • Courtesy light will give warning when the springs are worn
  • More control with adjustable speed
  • Lock in any position
  • Auto close Feature (Requires infrared safety beams to be installed)
  • On board receiver with CENTURION code-hopping technology
  • Energy Saving technology
RDO roll-up motor
RDO roll-up motor
  • Silent 24V DC high-torque motor
  • Reliable backup battery
  • secure code-hopping remote controls and anti-crushing sensitivity
  • Courtesy light with built in timer switches
  • Auto close Feature (Requires infrared safety beams to be installed)


Gemini sectional door motor
Sectional door motor

The GEMINI garage door automation system is designed for both tip-up and sectional garage doors.

  • 24V DC motor
  • Door speed of 11 mete/min
  • Thermal overload motor protection
  • Proximity sensors that are independent in both directions
  • Courtesy light and battery backup in case of power failure
  • Manual override in case of malfunction


Digidoor II
Digidoor II

This brand has been one of the leading names in garage door automation for the past 21 years.

  • Positive Locking when the garage door is closed
  • The motor will automatically reverse when it encounters an obstacle
  • Manual override in case of power outages
  • Courtesy light and a unique back-up safety system
  • Flashing light that indicates when the battery is low
Digidoor III
Digidoor III
  • Quiet 24V DC motor with integrated gearbox
  • 230V AC and 24V battery back-up
  • Adjustable obstacle sensing
  • Audio alert and wireless wall console
  • Fast operation, adjustable open/stop position and auto close mode
  • Extended standby time on battery


Pro-Alpha sectional door motor
Sectional door motor

Pro-alpha has been in production since 1998 and to date more than 110 000 machines have entered the market place

  • 24 V DC Power supply outputs for radio controls
  • Patented safety “overload” sensing system
  • “Power-surge” protection fitted as standard equipment
  • Multi-function with PLC Logic Control
  • Fan cooled motor with thermal overload protection
  • “Vacation-lock” that puts the motor into a sleep mode for extra security
  • Courtesy light switches off automatically after 3 minutes


DTS 600/800
DTS 600/800
  • 24VDC 100W Motor and power input of 220 VAC
  • 24V battery backup
  • Soft stop and start control
  • Anti-crush mechanism
  • On board rolling code receiver and courtesy light
  • Auto close function

Why Use Automated Garage Door Motors?

Automated garage doors do not only make your life a lot easier and saves you time, but is also more secure.

We hope this information on garage door automation and installation has been helpful, and that it will also help you in making a decision as to what you need. Furthermore you can also visit our garage door motor installation & repair page for some more information.

If you would like to be quoted on a garage door motor installation don’t hesitate to visit our request a quote page and fill out the form for a free quotation. Please keep in mind that we operate in Gauteng Mainly Pretoria and Johannesburg and also in Bloemfontein.