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When it comes to the security of your property, be it your home residence or your business. CCTV is a vital component that not only provides you with surveillance, but it also makes unwanted visitors aware of the security systems you have in place and will deter criminals from entering. There is also a higher chance of being caught by police or security companies if a crime was committed. CCTV will also be a good source of evidence when dealing with insurance claims and in some cases can even reduce your premiums.

There are quite a few different types of CCTV systems available on the market. We’ll be discussing a few of them and which one of these will work the best for you.

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CCTV Cameras

Analog CCTV

Analog is one of the more affordable CCTV systems available on the market and still very reliable. With resolutions ranging from 420 to 700, Analog performs well in low light conditions and can produce sharp pictures at a high end.

Analog cameras have wireless connections available but produce lower resolutions. For these systems to perform at its best, they require separate cabling to operate different functions and to send video over twisted-pair or coax cable to VCR and DVR.


IP systems come at a higher cost than Analog but offer a lot more benefits. Digital cameras offer higher resolutions ranging from 1.3 to 5 megapixels (6 to 20 times higher than Analog). This allows for a much wider viewing angle and finer video details even when zooming in.

IP cameras can be set up wirelessly where it’s too difficult or not possible to lay cables. These systems can also be run over twisted-pair Ethernet cables that avoid installing electrical wire. Signals that are sent are also encrypted and compressed before being saved to your network.


PTZ CCTV systems can make use of routers that are connected your cameras. You will need a sim card to be able to use the system in this manner. This will allow you to use the system via your cellphone, with PTZ you can also pan, tilt and zoom your video via DVR analog and NVR IP.

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