Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG is a combination of propane and butane gasses. This flammable gas is used by many for the purpose of cooking, heating, cooling and hot water systems in residential areas. LP Gas is also commonly used in the industrial, agricultural and manufacturing industries.

Benefits of using LP Gas

There are three main reasons why LPG is the preferred fuel for home use and that is Efficiency, Portability, and Cleaner power.

LPG burns more efficiently and hotter than other options and therefore is also cost-saving.

With gas cylinders being easy to transport, refill and store, it is extremely portable and convenient to use around the house or when going camping.

Cleaner than any other fossil fuels, LPG is low in Sulphur content and low on emissions of black carbon. The use of LPG Gas compared to the use of other fossil fuels keeps our air clean and emissions of greenhouse gasses low. You save on electricity, cost and the environment!

Using LP Gas at home

LPG used in homes are usually supplied in 45kg gas bottles and are mainly used then for cooking and heating.

The most common use of gas is for cooking, there are many different appliances that can be used like gas cooktops, ovens and the popular Gas Braai.

When it comes to heating, LPG can be used in portable heaters and even ducted heating systems built into your home. Hot water systems are also very popular as these provide hot water whenever you open the tap, these systems only heat water as it passes through, saving energy.

LPG can also be used for cooling in appliances such as refrigerators and cooling units.

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