As with anything that gets used on a daily basis, maintenance is important to keep your gate and motor in a good working condition.

You should know that it is more important to maintain your gate over the actual motor. It is important to keep the track clear of any debris, leaves, sand or anything else that might obstruct the wheels.

Regularly have a look at all of the gate components to make sure nothing is rusted that will add more strain to the motor.

Looking at the motor, make sure that there is not a buildup of water when the rain starts coming down. It is a good idea to open up your motor and placing poison (something like blue death) that keep ants and other insects or rodents out of the motor.

How long should your motor last?

If you have the correct motor to handle the weight of your gate and you maintain the motor and gate correctly, your motor should last 10 to 15 years.

Should there be a problem and you can’t find the cause or a solution, you should contact a professional to have a look. Also, have a look at our gate motor installation and repairs page where you’ll find some more info and helpful manuals for certain gate motors.

If you need any assistance with your gate or motor, you can contact us for assistance.

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