You have decided it’s finally time to go automated and install a gate motor, now where do you start? With a little bit of research, and we are here to ensure you get off to a good start with some handy tips.

AC or DC

Alternating current or AC powers the gate motor directly from a distribution board inside your house/building. Direct current or DC, on the other hand, makes us of a power source such as a battery. You will find that most motors today are DC operated.

There is a very good reason why most brands prefer DC, especially since we are in South Africa, and the power delivery is very unreliable at best. With DC motors making use of a battery, access to your property won’t be a problem when the lights go off.

With AC motors you won’t need to replace a battery, but be prepared to wait for when the power goes out. Our choice would be to go DC and you’ll also be spoiled with choice when choosing one of these motors.

Gate Weight and Pull Force

If you struggling to open and close your gate manually then it probably weighs quite a bit. We recommend you get an approximate weight of the gate first before selecting a motor, you might just need something a little more powerful for a heavy gate.

Swinging or Sliding Gate

This should be obvious if you already have a gate installed in your driveway, but if you are looking to get a new automated gate installed where previously there was nothing then this might be some food for thought. Honestly, it comes down to personal preference as both these gates have equal merits.

A good place to start is our installation specials page where you will see quality gate motors at great prices. Also browse through the rest of our site or feel free to contact us.

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