Have you been thinking about installing an intercom system at your home or business? There are plenty of benefits to installing one of these systems, from increased security to more convenient communication.

How does an intercom system work?

Intercoms are stand-alone devices that operate separately from the telephones in your house or business. They are used for communication within buildings or apartments, some newer systems allow video communication which allows you to see who you will or won’t be letting into your property.

There are also systems that are GSM based like the centurion G-SPEAK, these systems are easy to install as they don’t require any expensive wiring. GSM based intercom systems make use of sim cards and will allow you to answer calls from the intercom on your mobile phone.

Types of intercom systems

There are a variety of intercom systems to choose from. We’ll look at some of the different systems and which one of these are best suited for your security needs.

Hardwired intercoms are a good option for when you are building a new structure as the wires are installed within the walls, these set up in existing buildings but this will be a more costly option.

Wireless intercom systems are cost-effective and easy to install as they don’t require the installation of any wires. These intercoms make use of radio signals or GSM sim cards. Some wireless intercoms are however at risk of interference which can affect communication, we suggest a GSM-based system if you were to decide on going wireless for optimal performance.

Carrier-current intercoms are great business solutions as they make use of the building’s electricity, these provide high-quality audio and allow communication across buildings.

When it comes to home security we recommend automated gate entry intercoms. These intercoms are a safe and convenient option for allowing guests to enter your property, these systems allow you to control your gate motor remotely after you have decided to let your visitors enter.

For more information, visit our intercoms system page or you can contact us if you would like a free quotation.

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