6 Tips to Secure Your Home

Don’t be an easy target. The longer it takes to break into your home, the less likely it is that this will happen. Here are 6 Tips to secure your home 

This is according to Grant Gavin, Broker/Owner of RE/MAXPanache, who says South African homebuyers are among the most security conscious people in the world.Homeowners can add value to their homes these day especially by upgrading your security, and secure your home. Offering the peace of mind of knowing that the occupants in you home is safe.  He gives a few pointers that homeowners should consider:

1. Physical Barriers & Protection is best

6 Tips to Secure Your Home - JD Gates Approved Electric Fence Installers

According to Brown, physical protection and barriers such as palisade-style fencing, burgklar bars and gates are a good recommendation.

Use the Best quality electric fence, and make sure that they are also Accredited to Install your solution. There is no match when it comes to deterring would-be burglars.

Only make use of Accredited and Approved Electric Fencing Installers to secure your home. As much as Price does have an influence, there is no price greater than being in harms way.

Motion beams or outdoor passives are a great backup to good physical security, he says, as they provide early detection and an alarm, should the physical barriers fail.

Remember that an electric fence around the perimeter makes the front gate the weak spot, so it is advisable that the gate is alarmed as well and part of your installation.

Make sure to have Physical barriers in place to give you a bit of time to get to a safe place in the event of a break-in.

2. Don’t be an easy target

6 Tips to Secure Your Home - JD Gates Approved Electric Fence Installers

The longer and more difficult it is to break into your home, and the more physically secure your home is, the less likely it is that this will happen.

Avoid anything that can make your home an easy target and Show that you will not be an easy target. Investing in proper security barriers save lives and buys time, due to being difficult to get through.  Advertise that you are alert.

Keep bushes, trees and foliage trimmed back so that there are no hiding places for intruders and keep entrance areas well lit.

Be careful not to leave garage doors unlocked or open to advertise the contents stored within.

To deter would-be intruders, trim bushes and trees, and also keep garage doors closed and keep the entryway well lit.

3. Don’t ignore the intercom and CCTV, be alert

6 Tips to Secure Your Home - JD Gates Approved Electric Fence Installers

If the gate buzzer or intercom rings at any hour of the day or night do not ignore it.

Brown says that some criminals use this as a method to check whether the occupants of the property are home.

Ignoring the buzzer provides signals that you are either not home or not very responsive. If the intercom does not work, remove or repair it as soon as possible.

4. Never advertise being away

Due to criminals wanting to avoid a confrontational situation, so they would rather break into a home while the occupants are not there.

Signs such as uncollected post can make the property more vulnerable to burglary.

Homeowners who don’t already have timers, should consider installing timers for the lights, for both inside and outside the home, and leave a car where it is safe but visible from the outside.

5. Don’t keep keys in usual places

Brown says that a new trend among certain syndicates of housebreakers is to take your vehicle in addition to your household belongings.

To combat this, keys and also all of their spares should be kept out of all the usual places. Give one set of keys to a friend when on holiday, and rather take all keys with you if you can.

Keeping them on key hooks and on counters and desks is a no-no.

6. Meet the Community around you

Join your local community policing forum and get fellow residents together to form a neighbourhood watch with shared time schedules. As a result, you will all be alert and keep an eye on each other.

Gavin says although there is no fool-proof way of ensuring that your home will be protected at all times, being prepared and take the necessary precautions.

Being Prepared is definitely a is a step in the right direction

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