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Access Remotes

We can set up new or existing access remotes to work with both your gate motor and garage door motor. We can set up your remotes weather we the installation was done by JD Gates or another installer.

We stock a wide variety of gate remotes and also garage door remotes. These access remotes come standard when making use of JD Gates for your gate motor or garage door motor installation.

It often happens that people lose their gate keys with the access remote attached, which is why we also sell these separately at our store in Pretoria.

Access remotes in store

Below you can have a look at some of the remotes that we currently have available in our store. We will also recommend the remote that will best suit your needs.

Access remotes

Setting up your access remote

We have a wide variety of access remotes from all major trusted brands available. If you are in need of a new access remote you can visit our store and we will be able to provide you a remote that suits your needs.

If you are using multiple remotes for your gates and garage doors, we will help you set up a remote that will open both your garage door and gate. To do this we will only need to add an extra receiver that will work with almost any remote brand.

*Ask us about the Centurion NOVA with code e-hopping technology. This secure technology prevents any copying of the remote signal.

For more information regarding access remote setup, or to request a free quotation, please feel free to contact us directly, or by completing our contact form.